About Us

Hello from all of us here at Dead Good Clothing, everyone said we needed an about us page on our website, We went looking at other about us pages looking for some inspiration, we should have stopped at the first one. They all ended up talking about the same things over and over again. If don't believe me give it a try, or better still if you are suffering from insomnia this will be a great for you and guaranteed to send the most anxious of you asleep in no time. 

So here is what we do.........

  • We design amazing T-shirt's

Now wasn't that much easier? I know i will get no awards for my writing skills, however it's straight to the point and if everyone did that we wouldn't of spent so much time on our research. 

  • A bit about our designer

He is an extraordinarily hardworking man who has been coming up with ideas for T-shirt designs for years now, his creations are truly extraordinary and finally he has decided to make his dream a reality and share them with you fine people. 

His designs are all hand drawn best of all not available on the highstreet. So don't worry about Dave having the same one as you!   

Think we should add anything to this, Please get in touch we would love to hear from you.


I realise now that a corporate style about us page wouldn't need a disclaimer however John (the guy who earns lots of money by advising us on what we should and shouldn't do) says we need to add a disclaimer to the above so people don't take us to court so, here is our legal disclaimer. 

1, If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from insomnia please do not take my advice to read about us pages all night, This probably won't cure your ailment and you will use a lot of data. Visit your GP for medical advice and if he is too busy or you have a 6 week wait maybe see your local pharmacist. 

2, We do not guarantee that Dave wont be wearing the same T-shirt as you however it does mean that he has exceptionally good taste.